The goals I want to accomplish are not easily measured. The reasons I climb, and the climbs I do refer to my power of breaking the barriers of myself, they are not based on any distance, altitude or grades.




I born and grew up in Kyperounda, a beautiful setting within the mountains in Cyprus. By having the mountains on my doorstep I was always curious and very keen to explore them, along with participating in various sports and activities. From young age, I introduced myself to skiing while afterwards I started training and racing. My passion for the outdoor challenges was instant and I kept on racing and competing in the sport for over ten years getting the chance to travel consistently in Europe. My curiosity for different outdoor sports grew up over time and soon I discover climbing and all the different aspects of it.

In 2010, I choose to study BSc Outdoor Studies with Sport Science due to my love for the outdoors. Through my studies I developed both academic and practical skills that helped me to improve my physical performance, to understand a wide range of outdoor environments and recognize the value and the importance of the outdoor education in contemporary society. Also, I achieved my Mountain Leader and Climbing qualifications through my own extra-curricular efforts supported by my faculty.

Constantly, my goal is to become an IFMGA mountain guide and make a living doing what I appreciate the most while my intention is to teach other people the required skills for enjoying the mountains. My alpine experience and my proven technical skills got me through the IFMGA East European Mountain Guides entry tests and I am now following the IFMGA education program in order to achieve my goal of becoming a professional Mountain Guide.